Computer Science - Undergraduate studies

Ada Wrońska

Ada Wrońska

I fulfilled my dream. I am a graduate of Bachelor studies in Computer Science.
I got to know the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science during MiNI (polish abbreviation for the name of the faculty) Mathematics Academia, which I attended ever since the first grade of high school. I fell in love with the atmosphere, which was created by the lecturers and tutors, but also by students, who were helping with the organization. Ever since MiNI started constructing its new building, each and every time I was passing by it, I thought to myself that I will be a student of this Faculty. Finally, I was accepted to my dream studies. I decided to study Computer Science to ensure more possibilities for myself in the future.

During the course I met wonderful people, with whom I created many wonderful memories. We are still creating them. Computer Science students are people who are intelligent, open-minded, tolerant and very friendly. I also met amazing tutors, who used their knowledge and experience to motivate us and give us example how to deal with problems that are not only study related. Many of them I consider setting the example and being a motivation for all students starting a scientific career.

At the beginning of my studies, it was a bit hard due to the language barrier, but after a month or two I got used to studying in english. The first two years were focused on getting to know the basics of computer science and related fields. For many, those years were deciding, but I knew computer science is my passion, so I learned it quickly. On my third year of studies, we started choosing the so called electives. It allowed us to put our studies in the direction of our interests. For me, thanks to that, I found a way to develop my knowledge and passion. Thanks to the professor conducting the subject, I shaped that passion into my Bachelors. Electives gave me a chance for my own scientific development. Thanks to a bit of luck, amazing professors and hard work, one of the projects, written by me and my friend as a Agent Systems project, became a scientific paper. On the third year I began my internship on the Faculty, due to which I got to know it from the very inside.
I am gladly recommending each and every student interested in studying computer science (and especially programming) studying Computer Science on the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science on Warsaw University of Technology.

Computer Science - Graduate studies

Eyad Kannout

Eyad KanoutMy name is Eyad Kannout. I have successfully completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology, with the final grade excellent. Currently, I am delivering the labs of Databases course at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI).

Computer Science is radically changing the way in which we experience our world. When you study computer science, you can strengthen your thinking skills, engage in computational thinking in which logic, abstraction and creativity come together to help you to solve intellectually interesting problems. The most interesting thing about Computer Science for me is that there are endless possibilities for discovering new way of doing things.

I chose Warsaw University of Technology due to its reputation for academic excellence in natural sciences and Engineering, both in Poland and internationally.
Computer Science Programme at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science is more than programming and creating web pages. During your studies, you will cover all aspects of Computer Science including the underlying principles and theory. This programme equips students with the skills needed to contribute to this exciting and rapidly evolving field. This combination of skills will enable the graduates to keep pace with this fast-moving subject, and secure rewarding careers that can be pursued almost anywhere in the world.
This programme is very flexible, it allows you choose some elective courses that reflect your developing and changing interests in several areas, such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.
After I have completed my Master’s studies in Computer Science, I am pretty sure that it was a great chance for myself to deepen my knowledge in several research areas, and study under the supervision of prominent teachers and scientists, within a well-equipped research facilities and in a hectic academic atmosphere.